Meet Some of Our Young People



Julius is a very talented young man, and  although his parents managed to pay for Julius to go to secondary school, they could not afford the fees for the final exams.  Future Foundations helped with the exam fees and now we have enabled Julius to study Business Management at College.  Julius, along with his brother, Roy, helped produce and sing the songs on the charity CD. Julius had now completed college


​This is Mambo.  He is the first young person Future Foundations started sponsoring to secondary school.  Mumbo successfully completed secondary school and obtained marks which allowed him to get into college which FF funded.  Mambo is now a qualified electrician and is self employed, and is able to financially support himself and his family.

We are so proud of him, and everyone who has supporting Future Foundations. 


​​We started sponsoring Boniface in august 2014 to study Mechanics at college.  Boniface, 19 years, did not get to go to secondary school after he finished primary as his father sadly died, leaving him to help his mother care for his 4 siblings.  We are so incredibly proud of this young man who has worked hard despite so much pressure to give up.  He is now a qualified, busy mechanic who earns money to not only look after himself, but also his mother and siblings



Future Foundations began sponsoring Roy in 2017 to go to college to study computer studies.  Roy had to drop out of 3rd year in Secondary School as he’s family could no longer afford the fees and there was pressure on him to just find a means to make money  to help them out.  Future Foundations also paid for driving lessons as he wished to start a taxi service.  Roy has successfully completed his college course, has passed his driving test and is involved in a number of projects and paid employment.  He is currently working in Mombassa however has managed to save enough money to build his own brick house back at  his family home.  Roy is also a talented artist and while he was at college, he was a major contributor to Future Foundations CD.  He continues to volunteer for us by given his testimony of how Future Foundations has transformed his life



Veronica wanted to go college to get the skills of a job to help her family but her dream was in vain as her family couldn’t pay for her fees. Lewa met Veronica in June 2013 and interviewed her about her dreams and goals. Veronica wished to do a certificate in food production so that she can look for a job in a hotel at Malindi. We decided to sponsor her and she began at a government polytechnic at Mapimo –Gongoni in July 2013, where she was accepted to do a certificate in food production for two years. Veronica succesfully completed her course and has been employed within the hotel industry since 2015.



In February 2015 Future Foundations sponsored sisters, Alice and Rose to go to Secondary School.  Alice, 16 years, and Rose, 14 years old, finished primary in December with good results but they never thought they would get to secondary school as their family could not afford the fees.  Both girls found concentrating on their studies difficult due to pressure from family to help out at home which meant lots of days out or school and no time to study at home.  They both obtained a D- in their final exams which limits further education opportunities, however it still gives them more opportunities that they would have had if never got to go to secondary school.



Future Foundations sponsored Mapenzi after she completed primary school but not get the marks she wanted. 

Mapenzi lives with her siblings, mum and dad who were working in very low paid jobs, her mum worked in a farm and her dad as a labourer.  Mapenzi studied at Muyeye Polytechnic College and completed a certificate in Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy in 2019.  We are delighted that Mapenzi has now set up her own hair saloon by being given a grant by another Kenyan organistion in order to buy equipment.



Kelvin was 23 years when we sponsored him to go to college to study one year IT course in order to improve his job prospects as he was at home and helped his mother, his 6 siblings and extended family.  Kelvin volunteered for a period for Future Foundations in Kenya by emailing updates, scanning, contacting the schools and colleges, and helping the young people keep in touch with us.  Kelvin has not continued a career in IT however the skills he learnt at college and by volunteering has certainly gave him more opportunities for the future



Future Foundations sponsored Fatama to college in December 2019 to do Secretarial Studies and if it was not for the covid 19 lockdown and the closure of all education facilities, she would be finished her certificate. Fortunately , the colleges have reopened and she is  finishing her course.  Fatama has 5 siblings and her parents have a low income.  Fatama also wrote in her sponsorship application about gender inequalities in education



Silvano is our newest young person to be sponsored by Future Foundations.  Silvano is from Mjanaheri at Magarini /Malindi district in Kilifi county of Kenya, and his mum, Salama, had managed to pay for the first term of his first year at secondary school however could not pay the remainder of the fees.  Salama, is a single mother of six children who never went to school herself. Despite this, she has made a small business for herself by making and selling items on the beaches to tourists and she has taught herself English and Italian.   Although Salama has been able to make a living for herself, she told us that she does not want her children to struggle as she has, and she strongly believes education is essential!  Future Foundations has helped Silvano get into a local secondary school which will mean any travel costs to go to school will be little as often its these extra costs that make education impossible.  We are sure Silvano will have the same determination as his mum and that there’s  excited things ahead for him, thanks to our supporters for making this possible



'My names are Charo Katana Jackson. I am a school boy aged 17years old and in form two at Barani Secondary School. I hereby appreciate your help because I was really in trouble. I come from a poor family which can not afford school fees. My parents have no means for them to continue giving me education but I thank you for your kind hearted to voluntary to give education.'


This is Alex who was17 years old when Future Foundations started to sponsor him. Alex lived in an local Orphanage since he was a toddler as both his mother and father sadly died. The orphanage was able to put Alex through kindergarden, primary school and the first year of secondary school. However, the orphanage decided that they were unable to sponsor Alex anymore and he had to leave. Alex then went to live with his aunty and despite getting good results in his 1st year at secondary, he couldn’t find an opportunity to continue his education until Future Foundations was able to pay his fees and enabled Alex has start his 2nd year at Kibokoni high school.  Future Foundations sponsored him the complete secondary school.  Unfortunately Alex did not get the grades to get to university however he is looking at routes to get into teaching.​

EMILY 2.jpg

EMILY (on the right)

Emily impressed our trustees with her application essay she titled ‘Girl, Child, Education’ which she wrote about the inequalities in education for girls in Kenya.  Emily is at her final year at college studying Chain Management.  This qualification will not only provide them the opportunity to gain careers which would not only give them a livable income, but give them the inspiration to achieve the life they dream off rather than feeling pressured into early marriage and motherhood  Emily has 5 siblings, her father is self employed and her mother does not work which makes paying for all the families education fees impossible

FURAHA (on the left)

Future Foundations sponsored Furaha after she finished primary school.  Furaha did not perform as well as she had hoped and she wished to join local college instead of going to high school,  Furaha lived with her dad and her siblings after her mum passed away suddenly just before she sat for her final primary exams. Her dad was unemployed and just did cash in  hand jobs in order to get money to buy food for his children.

Furaha went to Muyeye polytechnic college to study a two year certificate in Fashion Design and Garment Making.  Unfortunately shortly after starting, Furaha pulled out of college in order to get married.  The pressure on young women to get married is strong, especially when their family has a low income.  Furaha helped Future Foundations develop strategies regarding selecting future students and supporting them and their families