Meet Some of Our Young People



Julius is a very talented young man, and  although his parents managed to pay for Julius to go to secondary school, they could not afford the fees for the final exams.  Future Foundations helped with the exam fees and now we have enabled Julius to study Business Management at College.  Julius, along with his brother, Roy, helped produce and sing the songs on the charity CD.




​This is Mambo.He is the first young person Future Foundations started sponsoring to secondary school nearly 3 years ago. Well, Lewa pointed out that this year, Mambo will be finishing 4th year, thus, completing secondary school... making him the first person in his whole family to off achieved an secondary education! We are so proud of him, and everyone who has supporting Future Foundations. 


​We started sponsoring Boniface in august 2014 to study Mechanics at college.  Boniface, 19 years, did not get to go to secondary school after he finished primary as his father sadly died, leaving him to help his mother care for his 4 siblings.


In February 2015 Future Foundations sponsored sisters, Alice and Rose to go to Secondary School.  Alice, 16 years, and Rose, 14 years old, finished primary in December with good results but they never thought they would get to secondary school as their family could not afford the fees.


This is Alex, 17 years old. Alex has lived in a local Orphanage since losing his parents as a toddler. The orphanage was able to put Alex through kindergarden, primary school and the first year of secondary school but then decided that they were unable to sponsor Alex anymore and he had to leave. Since 2014, Alex has been living with his aunty and despite getting good results in his 1st year at secondary, he hasn't been able to continue his education. Future Foundations has been able to pay his fees and Alex has started his 2nd year at Kibokoni high school.



Roy, Julius's brother, dropped out of secondary school at year 3 as his parents could no longer afford the fees.  He tried to find employment to not only get money for food but to fund his dream of being an artist.  Future Foundations are paying Roy's college fees to study Computing.  The Charity has also help pay for driving lessons which will increase his chances of employment.  Roy has also produced and sang the songs on our CD



Veronica wanted to go college to get the skills of a job to help her family but her dream was in vain as her family couldn’t pay for her fees. Lewa met Veronica in June 2013 and interviewed her about her dreams and goals. Veronica wished to do a certificate in food production so that she can look for a job in a hotel at Malindi. We decided to sponsor her and she began at a government polytechnic at Mapimo –Gongoni in July 2013, where she was accepted to do a certificate in food production for two years.



'My names are Charo Katana Jackson. I am a school boy aged 17years old and in form two at Barani Secondary School. I hereby appreciate your help because I was really in trouble. I come from a poor family which can not afford school fees. My parents have no means for them to continue giving me education but I thank you for your kind hearted to voluntary to give education.'

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