• Sharon Lewa

We have been a bit quiet!

Hello everyone, Joseph & I have not been keeping Future Foundations website up to date as since July 18, we have been kept busy following the birth of our second daughter, Faith. It has been the most wonderful and exhausting few months, but touchwood, Faith is sleeping a wee bit more, meaning I am finally getting time to venture back onto the website. While we have been running after our two girls, the charity has continued to sponsor young people to go to secondary school or college in Kenya. Two of our young people, Rose and Alice, has now finished high school, another young girl, Mapenzi, is now in her second year at college, whilst Mumbo is currently on placement at college where he is studying to be an electrician (see photo below, obviously not the same health and safety regulations as the UK). We now

have another volunteer in Kenya, Paul,who has been working alongside Chiro, and helping out in our cyber cafe, teaching young people IT skills. We are very fortunate to have people giving there time for free because they are passionate about supporting young people to get out of poverty. Lastly our trustees met last month to discuss developing the charity and supporting more young people through education. Excited about the year ahead!

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