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☆ Kenga Kahindi Katana☆

Kahindi has 4 siblings and his parents could not send them to secondary school. Kahindi says that his mum or dad never went to school which is very common.

As many parents has not been to school themselves, they do not see the importance of education, feel as if education is not within their children’s reach or can actually be scared of sending their children to school as they have not entered a school themselves. Kahindi says he does not blame his parents for not paying for him to go to secondary as he believes that they are old and they all struggle to eat a meal each day. He described going to primary school without having anything to eat and he compared his ‘shelter’ (house) and like that of the houses in Kenya’s largest slum in Nairobi –Kibera.

Kahindi left Primary School in 2019 and he was described as a very disciplined, polite and responsible boy by his school. Kahindi says that his hobbies at school are reading, football and high jump, at home his enjoys cycling and going swimming in the ocean. His dream is to get the appropriate marks at secondary school in order to get into accounting or engineering.

Kahindi wants to be able to look after his parents, help his siblings get a qualification and he wants to go travelling

Future Foundations has paid his term fess to attend Kibokoni Secondary School which means that he or his family need to worry about paying fees or having to miss days due to school debts

Thank you to everyone who took part in our raffle last month, its only through that money we raised which allowed us to sponsor Kahindi! Asante sana!


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