• Sharon Lewa


For those who are new to Future Foundations, please introduce ourselves! We are Joseph and Sharon Lewa and we founded the charity in 2013 on order to support young people to get a secondary and further education in the Sabaki area of Kenya! Joseph and Sharon met in 2010 while Sharon was volunteering in an orphanage in Kenya and Joseph was working there! Joseph, who is from Sabaki, only knows too well the gift of sponsorship and how life changing this is. Joseph and Sharon, both have social work qualifications and now live in the Isle of Skye with their two young daughters, Anna and Faith. The charity has a wonderful board of trustees including Lisa Lamont Annie Tee Joanne Bibby Jeannie Stewart Liddon Jewels Rudram Soom T Bhardwaj and our worker in Kenya Samuel Chiro. We are always looking for support and ideas so please get in touch for more information . Asante Sana x

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