• Sharon Lewa

How It All Began

10 years today I met Joseph Lewa, who happens to be my husband as well as the co director and founder of Future Foundations! Joseph, from the first time I met him, has taught me about the gift of education & that not every child will automatically get an education! Joseph was fortunate to have two uncles who funded him through school(that's a whole other story)but there was so much pressure for him to give up on school and go and work in a quarry. I dont know what was inside him to enable him to resist temptation and focus on his dreams! Joseph even worked as a labourer in the orphanage that his uncle owned in order to pay back his school fees.

Of course, meeting me was never part of Joseph's dream 😂, but my friends who I travelled to Kenya with, decided to sponsor him to go to university because he had achieved a good secondary education despite all odds and was still passionate about learning more and helping others !

Future Foundations is all about giving young people a foundation and a step up...nobody knows where our paths will lead us, but its always good to have a choice of a different path along the way x

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