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Feb 18 New Students!!!

"It's doesn't matter how much we give;BUT how much love we put in giving." By Mother Teresa.

We are so proud to announced that Future Foundations had managed to sponsored two more young girls to go college to pursuing their career.

We have sponsored Mapenzi and Furaha both finished primary school last year,though didn't pass that well, both have decided to join local college instead of going to high school for for years.

Mapenzi lives with her siblings, mum and dad both are self employed,her mum just do farming like planting tomatoes and other vegetables in order to sell and get some cash to buy food,clothes, and other basic needs for her children and the dad just does any kind of labour he gets everyday to get his daily bread for his wife and the children, and furaha lives with her dad and her siblings after her mum passed away suddenly last year just before she sat for her final primary examination . Her dad alsoHe is unemployed,just do any kind of job he got everyday in order to get a daily bread for his children.

We have taken there two young girls at muyeye polytechnic college, Mapenzi is doing certificate in Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy and Furaha certificate in Fashion Design and Garment making both for two years.

We just say a huge thanks for Lisa Lamount and puipls from Portree high who raising money for future foundations , all Future Foundations Supporters because all penny had been raised had managed to help these young girls to get some texts book, uniforms, pens,exercise books, pencils,all the equipments needed for their course and also paying some of their college fees.

What a great year to start with guys.

Below are some photos of Mapenzi,Furaha,their parents and Chiro .

Than you for supporting Future Foundations, Together is one ,and let all joining hands by helping as many young people as we can so that they can have a bright future.

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