• Sharon Lewa

Emily and Fatuma go back to college

After this difficult time of lockdown, Kenya's college students have returned to their courses which means we are delighted that Emily and Fatuma are returning to their studies. A qualification in Chain Management for Emily and Secretarial Studies for Fatuma would provide them the opportunity to gain careers which would not only give them a livable income, but give them the inspiration to achieve the life they dream off rather than feeling pressured into early marriage and motherhood! Education for girls is more than just qualifications, its about autonomy, confidence, equal rights and opportunities for individuals and generations to come!

Please consider donating, however small, to Future Foundations to help us pay for these girls college fees. We can guarantee that every penny will be spent on fees and supporting Emily and Fatuma to complete their studies

Donations can be paid through


Asante Sana x

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