• Sharon Lewa

April Workshop for our young people

Today Chiro met all our young people,and check in with everybody.

They all had a good time.

Due to the bad weather and lots of floods going at the moment they looked the preventative measures for their families to live from malaria which include people sleeping in treated mosquito nets,avoid long grasses around their homes,avoid stagnation of water around homesteads etc. As a matter of staying safe during this flooding times they should avoid going downstream as there are currently cases of snake and crocodile bites, at all cost they shouldn't try to cross any flooded river until the condition subsides.

They also motivated each other as they go back to school next week that they stay focused and make sure they meet their academic targets.

Chiro also encouraged them to develop their talents as life isn't all about books but also talents giving example that one of our trustees Sister Soom is a musician and she had really inspired all our young people.

All our young people and also their parents are very safe from the floods.

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