• Sharon Lewa

Aid giving to Goshi Camp

Our volunteer and trustee, Chiro, visited Goshi camp in one of the worst areas affected by the floods in the Sabaki area. The camp has 154 families and a total population of 770 people, all of whom have lost their houses and livelihoods. FF Flood Appeal has raised £100 so far and with that money, Chiro was able to buy 84 packets of Maize flour (Unga), and each packet can feed up to 10 people. As there wasn’t enough Unga to feed everyone, it was decided that priority should be giving to families with Nursing Mothers or Elderly people. Chiro reported that the majority of young people who were attending education has dropped out either because their school is too far away or their parents are unable to pay for their education anymore. We are so grateful for everybody that has donated and made this possible. This just shows that its easy to do something rather than nothing because every action has an action!!!!!! Please contribute to our appeal and get in touch if you would like to be part of our team and help change lives! Asante

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