October 2017 :

Meet our workshop leader

Samuel Chiro has been involved in Future Foundations since the very beginning.  Chiro studied Social Work at university with Joseph.  He now works full time as a social Worker in Malindi's main hospital.  For the charity he provides emotional and practical support to our young people, and acts as a link between schools and families.  He also runs regular workshops for young people in the community




Our workshop leader, Chiro, held a workshop with some our young people, and other youngsters in the community.  The workshop involved catching up with the youngsters on how they are getting on at school, any barriers they are facing and developing study plans as many are sitting their final exams next week.  Chiro also gave a talk on sexual health and the pressure on youngsters to be sexual active




Student completes college

Roy (who also produced and sang the songs on the CD), who has just finished his Computer Packages course at college and is sitting his driving test, which will improve his employment opportunities.




Message from Jackson

Jackson is one of young people supported by Future Foundation and he is now finished high school.  Enjoy and share.



September 2017: Kenyan Fabric for Sale

Just some ways to use the amazing traditional Kenyan fabric that we are selling for funds! Fantastic colours and patterns! £8 each and all money goes to Future Foundations to help paying for school and college fees for the  young people in Kenya to get education and job qualifications❤



September 2017: Two new students

Joseph wishes to thanks you all for supporting Future Foundations by sponsoring his run, we have raised a total of £200!!!!!!! This money we have decided to sponsored two young people, two brothers, Roy and Julius. These boys are artists and have been working with Future Foundations by writing and recording the songs for our CD.  The boys have been facing lots of challenges in terms of academic.  Roy had to drop out to off year 3 at secondary school last year as his parents could not afford the fees. Julius completed his high school last year after Future Foundations paid for his exam registration fees in order for him to sit his final exams.

Both boys are now in college - Roy is doing computer and driving lesson while Julius is doing business management.
What a testimony from them and it's all happening due to your supports and we can't thanks everyone enough.

Below it's letters from them.

Julius’s letter
To: Future Foundations organisation Charity

I Julius, I am very grateful, thankful and very happy as I am writing this letter to you. I would like to pass my gratitude for the great and passionately support you have given to me so far.
I completed my high school last year after being out of school for almost the whole year but I manage to get registered for the exam after Lewa helped me to pay for my registration fees and just carried on reversing home and went to do back to do the exam.
Truly I wouldn’t have reached where I am today without your support, not only for this course which I have started (certificate in business management) but also in for the support which Future Foundations had been given and continue giving to us in our music, me with my brother Roy, knowing the fact that our family is suffering in financial to support us by getting education and getting job qualifications.
Learning and my dream talent in music could be really impossible without Future Foundations supports. I really say a huge thanks for Future Foundations, Lewa, Sharon Lewa, all the trustees and all the supports for this charity for helping me and other young people who are in need in malind Kenya. I promise to work hard to achieve all my dreams.
May you all live longer and continue with same spirit of supporting young people from disadvantage family and those who are really in need at Malindi district in Kilifi County in Kenya to have a bright future.

Yours faithful
Julius Kithole Safari.


Roy’s letter
Hey my brother, your lovely wife Sharon, and whole board at Future Foundations, I would like to thank you guys because you have made my life. Previously I was just like a street boy due to lack of funds to take me to school for learning, and this is due to the fact that I am from the poor family which can’t afford to educate me. I dropped out to school last year 2016, I was form three (year 3) at Malindi see breeze high school due to luck of school fees.
I decided to go and doing some work in order for me to acquire something and manage my future life but things wasn’t as easy as I expected, it was very worse so I decided to switch second idea because I came to realise that I am talanted in music because I can, write songs, act and do anything concerning music, I tried my best to make sure I have got a person who can support me so that I can write a song then he. She can provides the studio fee and make the recording then we can make money by download, performing, royalties, and so on. I thank God finally I meet a guy called Lewa Joseph and I told him how talented I am, and I luck support and also my studies situation and He promise he will discuss with the board of Future Foundations and they will try their best to help me. As I am writing this letter to you all , I wish you could see how happy, joyful, blessed and thankful cause Future foundations had been helping us , me with my brother Julius by paying for the studio fees for recording and producing musing, marketing it and try to take us to some radio stations to introduced our music, putting sons in the media and we still working together with the music to make sure its reached to many people globally and produce some money to help us and also future foundation to help other young people who are in need like us. Future Foundations now have sponsored me to go college doing computer and also doing driving lessons. I have started the driving lessons now am joining computer classes very soon and we are staying other with my brother Julius.


Thanks future Foundations for all these supports and I know after a short while, I will get skills which will helped me to get employed and work like others, also my talent” music”, is doing well here in Kenya I can promised you that I will be big artist one day. All this is happening after realising 4 new songs which were sponsored by Future Foundations, and here in Kenya people like our music. , therefore now, no stress with me because my learning and our music its being sponsored by future Foundations and I really going to work hard on both side to make sure achieve my goals.. Thanks you very much, thank you for your support not only me but also for my brother as well.


May God bless you more and more
I am Robert Mwadzidze(Ro)y.


July 2017: Graduation

Congratulations,Congratulations Bonifance Tsori, one of the young people supported by future foundations. Future Foundations sponsored Bonifance for two years at Muyeye polytechnic college to do diploma in mechanical engineering now he finished his studies , graduated last month and he also working as mechanic at the place where He did placement.
Bonifance didn't manage to go high school due to his father's death just after he finished primarily school and her mum and his ...Brother couldn't manage to pay to take him to any high due to luck of school fees. Future Foundations get in touch with him and he said he just wanted to go to muyeye polytechnic college to do mechanical engineering cause he really wanted to be a mechanic,God is good all the time his dreams come true after Future Foundations sponsored him. 

September 2016 Kenya Trip

Last September, Joseph and I took our 2 year old daughter, Anna, to Kenya so she could meet Joseph’s family for the first time, including her ‘Nyanya’ (Swahili for Gran). We also met all the young people Future Foundations have supported, past and present, and we met their parents.

We went to Kibokini Secondary School, where Mumbo, Alice, Rose and Alex attend, and we went to Barani High School where Jackson attends. One of the things that struck me was that they were ‘typical youngsters’, who enjoyed football, music and hanging about with their friends, who had school subjects the liked and ones they didn’t. It was difficult to ascertain their true dreams of what they wished to do when they left school as most of them said they wanted to be teachers. We got the feeling that they were saying what they thought they should, rather than what they dreamed off. I guess it’s a ‘problem’ as historically western charities have selected children to sponsor on condition that they went into certain professions. Future Foundations is about supporting young people to follow their dream of having a brighter future which involves having better employment opportunities in whatever vocation they are interested.

We had numerous chats with our workshop leader, Chiro, who highlighted the need for career advice and support for individuals to be realistic about what grades they require to get into courses and what course/profession suits them. Chiro is keen to help our young people focus their skills and abilities, and look for the right career path for them, rather than what they think society imposes on them.

We interviewed our young people about their experiences of school/college, and it highlighted the difficulties young people experience in Kenya just to get an education. Alice and Rose spoke about having to walk to school for 6am in order to do their homework as their parents did not have any paraffin at home so they could not see their school work after dark – it gets dark at 6pm every night in Kenya. Despite all their difficulties, they were committed and EXCITED about going to school or college, and saw the opportunity as a gift. We met Veronica, the first young person who Future Foundations sponsored to go to college, who proudly came to meet us with her mum. She brought along her Certificate in Food Production and told us that she is now working in a hotel at Malindi town centre. Veronica told us that not only is she happy that she is earning money for herself, but she is supporting her mum and sister. Boniface, who was still at college, told us that he was already working in the garage he had his placement. The parents we spoke to were so appreciative of Future Foundations supporting their children and giving them an opportunity which they felt they could never provide because they could not afford the fees. They spoke about feelings of hopelessness and guilt about not given their children an education.

A side from the work Future Foundations, I was asked to meet with parents of children who attend the Malindi Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy. Due to school fees, many parents of children with disabilities do not even send them to kindergarten or primary, seeing it as a waste of time. My talk was to let parents see that all children have talents and skills, and can achieve the most outstanding things, given the opportunity and support. I have to say that one of the most inspiring aspects I took from this trip was how our daughter Anna took the change of culture and life in her stride. She didn’t see race, poverty or greed, she just saw other children as her equal… if only we all saw the world through a 2 year old's eyes!

Future Foundations CD

Future Foundations also have sponsored 3 young people to record 3 songs which they wrote on subjects which are important to young people in Kenya. In December 15, Rengrade Masters Record Label kindly funded the full cost of production of 500 CDs in the UK in order to raise money. These can be ordered from Future foundations £5 each plus p&p